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Meet Haze

Meet Haze!


Haze is new to us at the colony. Haze was so hungry, extremely thin, cold and shaking, and in desperate need of medical attention. Haze needs to be TNR. Upon seeing Haze for the first time, we were so, so close to catching him, but we will try again next time he comes around. The good news is he now knows we are a resource for him if he comes around! Haze is in a larger colony that is part of a hoarding case. Before starting to work with this colony, these poor, innocent babies were extremely deprived of even their basic needs. They had no access to normal food, water, or clean living space. This colony is in desperate need of rescue as the living conditions are extremely unsanitary and all our cats being rescued from this colony have a lot of medical and require additional care. Donations are needed to get these cats into the vet, as we need funds and pledges so these babies can be rescued from this awful place. 


Virtually sponsor Haze for a one-time payment of $25 to help provide one (1) month of food, necessary vitamins and medications, grooming, dental, flea/tick/mite prevention, dewormer, ongoing care and ability to be rescued and permanently placed, re-socialized and start living a well-deserved luxury life. You will receive updates on your kitty for that month. 


Can't sponsor right now? Don't see the amount you would like to donate? 

Please donate any custom amount for food, medical expenses, and more.

Click the yellow DONATE button on the Project Moonlight Tab. 

Meet Haze


A one-time donation of $25 virtually sponsors a cat for one (1) month 

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