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Help us continue to rescue & support the needs of feral, community, stray, and death row felines who are in need of rescue, food, shelter, spay/neuter, and specialized medical care. We aim to find permanent placement for cats in danger of unnecessary and wrongful euthanasia practices, abandonment, and those previously failed by humans.


Cats are domestic animals and contrary to popular belief, are rarely able to survive long-term without a primary food source from (unfortunately) humans. Life on the street is extremely rough and too often ends in heartbreaking situations. We supply long-term colony support and care including daily feeding of colonies, spay/neuters, medical, microchips, immunizations, dental, TNR (trap/neuter/rescue) services, rescue & re-socialization, short or long-term fostering, permanent placement, and/or sanctuary. Our goal is to get these kitties healthy and re-socialized so each and every one of them can find the permanent loving life and home they deserve. We desperately aim to educate, network and grow due to the overwhelming number of felines in constant urgent need. Your contributions are the only thing allowing us to continue to operate. No contribution is too small. These funds go directly to food, shelter, and medical/dental costs. We work on a 100% volunteer basis.

Please, if you see a cat in need, do not turn a blind eye because a majority of the time they truly do not have the care they need. Please do what you can to provide basic essentials. Reach out to us and we will supply resources, support, and assist in your efforts. Please remember, from our own experience, the majority of the time, it falls back on you to make a difference in another soul's life. 


Please reach out if you are interested in learning more, volunteering, fostering, or adopting! 


Now more than ever our help in the community is critical. Due to Covid-19, millions have lost their jobs and are suffering to make ends meet and feed their families (both human +fur babies). We fear the inevitable that many animals will go hungry and household companions will be put on the street or left to suffer without resources. We fear once shelters reopen, euthanasia rates will skyrocket. Multiple local stores have already abandoned their store cats. Community and colony feeders are having a more difficult time getting around to feed on a daily basis with quarantine measures. Heartbreakingly, all of this dramatically impacts the lives of the cats in our communities. They suffer in silence. 

Your support more is more critical than ever to make a difference. Please do not wait until it is too late. 

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