Meet Moonlight *ADOPTED*



Moonlight has been adopted and is living his very best cat life. He has made one of the most amazing, quick transformations from feral to house life. He is pampered with love, affection and will be safe, healthy, and loved tremendously for the rest of his life. Moonlight's eye is healing well, and any scaring will not affect his vision. Without, medical attention as quickly as he received, he was at high risk of becoming blind and suffering from major body infections. Sponsor Moonlight, in an effort for all the cats we are looking to have this happy outcome for.


Meet Moonlight!


Moonlight is the vocal one of the crew. Moonlight is friendly but wary of others. He is very much a kitten and loves to play endlessly, wrestle, and can-do jumps/flips. He is a big softy, loves attention, and is incredibly affectionate. Moonlight is in urgent need of TNR and medical attention for a badly, untreated scratched eye which caused a very painful corneal ulcer.


Virtually sponsor Moonlight for a one-time payment of $25 to help provide one (1) month of food, necessary vitamins and medications, grooming, dental, flea/tick/mite prevention, dewormer, ongoing care and ability to be rescued and permanently placed, re-socialized and start living a well-deserved luxury life. 


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Meet Moonlight *ADOPTED*

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A one-time donation of $25 virtually sponsors a cat for one (1) month